Friday, March 8, 2013

As I write a storm is developing over the south plains and is due to dump some rain on Lubbock. One thing I like about this place is that people really love the rain and mention how much we need it. The whole water cycle is still somewhat of a mystery to me: I'm aware that it will sit in the playas in the parks for a few days, and most of it will evaporate, and presumably some of it will find its way down to the water table. I presume that they're aware roughly of how much we lose to evaporation and how we could get some of that water back down to the aquifer if we wanted to. I assume they know that we want them to, though I don't assume they care enough to actually do it. I'm curious how much they've actually worked on this.

My son has noticed that the ground is full of "stickers" instead of grass, and that you can't really walk on it barefoot. You also can't ride a bike on it. There does seem to be green stuff on its way though; spring is coming. People do grow stuff, and I have confidence that there will be a kind of green color arriving soon. I thought it was a cold winter: a hard wind, a dry cold air with a couple of snows, this is more than we used to get in Illinois half the time. Yet people say it was relatively mild. One can't tell after one winter, what's what. I'd be a fool to plant. But the moon is down to nothing (this is good for planting) and I'm feeling the time is close. So tell me - when's a good time to put onions in the ground?

It's spring break, so I said to my class, what, is everyone going to Padre? Back when I lived on the plains, people used to go to Padre Island for spring break; it was the place to go. No, they said, though one guy said, I might go there by accident, because I live near there, but it's not what you think, because it's not a spring break destination anymore. If people are flooding to the sea at spring break, maybe they're finding some inland cove to hide out in where they can shoot out to the beach days and then still be high and dry when the hurricanes come in. I didn't hear another destination, like Corpus, or Galveston, or whatever. One person said, people come to Lubbock for spring break. Think about it. The weather's nice, and there's lots more to do here than, say, Plainview, or Littlefield. Several said, I don't really want to leave, I like it here, it's better than most.

Texas Independence Day came and went. Across the street are three houses. #2 and #3 had Texas flags for a while though sporadically; on #2 they had an old one, a little worn with time. After Texas Independence Day, house #1 had a brand new Texas flag, but it hangs from only one hole. #2 has lost its flag. As far as I can tell, if anyone lives in #1, they're very old; the gate is still broken and hangs at an angle in front. Somebody stops by days, presumably to take care of the place or whoever is in there. Someone with Texas patriotism? I can't quite figure it out. Hanging from one hole, of all things.

I'm falling asleep as I write. The fresh air of this town, the blowing wind, the approaching storm, makes me tired. More later!