Friday, February 21, 2014

If you don't mind, we would appreciate your being respectful to the members of the opposing team...

It was what, the Oklahoma State basketball game, where the "Super-fan" went overboard, and the OSU player shoved him, and got a three-game suspension. Shame on everyone! What's up with the bad behavior?

Apparently bad behavior is somewhat of a tradition here; the guy had been doing it for years, it was well known that he did it, his reputation preceded him. And they let him do it because, he paid big money, he was a "Super-fan," and they just don't like telling people to shut up here. It's a free country. You can say what you want, generally.

Now I'm sure I've offended just about everyone already, so I'll just keep on going. Not only Bobby Knight, but also most of the Tech sports establishment, including a good friend of mine, directly defended this guy as a really nice guy who just apparently lost his cool, because he gets so involved in the game. And, they said it was impossible that he used a racial slur then or anytime, or meant any of his insults as a racial slur, because he wasn't that kind of guy. OK. And that he feels bad about the whole thing, and has even stopped going to games for the remainder of the season.

Whoa now, that's what seems like the tragedy to me. Here they're losing the business of a loyal fan and a "nice guy" all because what, they were never able to tell him when he'd gone over the line? seems to me, a couple of words would have been all that it would take in this situation.

People here were pretty quick to blame the player, and ok, I can see how he was at fault, and he lost his cool, and he shouldn't have pushed anyone. I don't have an argument with that, he was at fault, he shouldn't have pushed anyone.

But Tech should make a venue where people are respected, and that's the norm, and if you use a foul mouth, you have to go to some other place, because we don't act that way, because it makes our team and our stadium and our people look bad. If that wasn't stated at some point, maybe it should have been.

Basketball is the new rage on campus. Kids are going to the games. Maybe it's because it's so hard, or so expensive, to go to the football game, or they've made it so you have to behave. Whatever the reason, they're filling up the arena. And that's nice, because our team is good, and tries hard out there. Also, basketball doesn't give you concussions, and is generally easier on your legs, knees and ankles than football. So they're not paying money to watch people get killed - and that should be encouraged. If we have to be subtle about this new "politeness" idea, which, I admit, has never really caught on, then we have to improve general manners among a steadily growing and younger crowd which is sure to have some pretty good & wild times here in its near future.

More power to 'em, I say. The time is now.