Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Party Next Time, New Yorker.

Great article, though I've just finished reading it. I highly recommend it.

It focuses on Texas because Texas is the heart of the Republican party, and Republicans' soul-searching about what to do about losing the election, and in particular, losing support of Hispanics, has already played out to some degree in Texas.

I hadn't really noticed this, because, coming to Texas from Illinois, I was surprised that as far as I could tell the entire ballot was Republican, with a few principled Libertarians thrown in there for good measure. No wonder Republicans won by accusing their opponents of being MODERATE!...they were claiming the center by moving over further to the right! But, according to the article, the entire state could go Democratic in a few short years, since Hispanics make up an increasing majority (95@ in Laredo, up to 55% by 2040)...and since a million people, myself included, have moved into the state recently.

I don't want to belabor the point; I still consider myself a visitor, or at the very least a johnny-come-lately, so to speak. I don't know much more than I read in the article above, but I've promised my dad I'd get some Molly Ivins books as soon as possible, and I also plan on reading some Kinky Friedman. Jim Hightower might be a little too serious for me, I'm not sure. But the time to start learning is now; times are a-changin'. One Democrat did win in Lubbock County (besides Obama), but I still don't know why; in three major elections (US House, State House, State Senate) the Dems ran nobody. The US Senate candidate was not taken seriously; I think he decided not to waste a bunch of money on lawn signs. It was just as well; Rove poured millions into the election, and what good did that do? As of now, I have no plans to run myself. But I might write a book; be careful what you say around me.

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