Saturday, September 27, 2014

Woke up to learn that the Red Raiders had lost but played fairly respectably, in Oklahoma State. But what, I found out while I was using the bathroom at the Market Street, their quarterback was injured in the process.

Travesty! As a loyal Red Raider fan, I hate it when we have to run with some stringer for a while while this poor lad heals. But another side of me says, another victim of the crunch. This game wipes out more bodies than ISIS.

OK State - aren't they the ones who got a few hundred million to blow on their football program, so they took it all, and went about recruiting kids from Texas, and offered them the moon, and they even got caught, got their wrists slapped by the NCAA because they'd offered some stuff illegally to recruits? Well it really rankles us here in Texas, given the fact that they're using the money to grab these Texas boys and turn them against their own home state. But, one person told me, when it happens, hey, every school is doing something like that, they just were stupid enough to get caught.

Every school? I suppose they have to compete. If one school offers recruits a free trip all the way up here by plane, we'll pick you up, give you this and that while you're here, some of it might be bawdy or memorable or whatever, hopefully you'll come here and pound heck out of those Texas boys you used to call friends. Then when their quarterback comes up here, we'll crunch him.

Not that these injuries are on purpose. They teach everyone to tackle so it doesn't hurt anyone. But things happen, we all know that. Bodies only bend certain ways, sometimes we come at ya from some other way. It's survival of the fittest. Injuries put these teams down, set them back, you only notice it when it's a quarterback, but it happens to them all. A little bit of attrition. All to feed the insatiable appetite of American television.

Somehow I've become a little cynical. But I still wear my Tech hat, especially on Fridays.

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